Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fooled twice... shame on me

I was worried and paranoid this time around and you assured me not to think that way and everything was going to be alright.  This certainly wasn't the case.  You broke my heart again.  Why would you ask me things such as, "Why didn't you try to kiss me 5 years ago?"  Or tell me that you felt ilk you made a mistake of leaving me behind without a word.  You apologized for that those many years ago and now you have managed to hurt me again.  I commend you for being honest this time and not just running away.  It is good to know what your feeling are but unfortunately whether you just run away or just tell me how it is... the result is the same.  I am left broken, confused, and hurt.  I respect your honesty but I can never forgive you.  Thank you for the false hope and empty promises.  I hope to grow from this even more bitter, cold, and more resistant a woman's touch.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting through...

Aching body and waning soul,
put to rest your bitter woes.

Although your day is full of strife,
Try to live a better life.

When night's shadow puts you to sleep,
shut your eyes without a peep.

The sunset light at morning dawn,
yields new promise to march on.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Under the left breast

Remote control of senseless thoughts,
can't you feel the aftershocks?

Broken purpose and shattered dreams,
can make you fall to your knees.

When hope is gone look towards your heart,
gather strength do not depart.

Forge and temper a mind gone stray,
quell the heat of disarray.


My iPhone 3G
Makes me hate AT&T
I want Version